Nabbed:Two Male Students Of North American University Cotonou Allegedly Turns Girl To Snake For Money Rituals

The Love of money is the root of all evil, and the heart of men is desperately wicked.
Daily, we hear of heart wrenching crimes committed by Nigerian youths in the quest for unmerited riches, proving these two adages to be true, and story you’re about to read is no different.
Two days ago, word filtered in from different sources in Houdegbe North American University, Benin Republic(HNAUB) that a male student had been arrested for money rituals.The report alleges that the guy had turned a female student to a snake using diabolic means. I didn’t do the story immediately because it was at first very sketchy. However, after asking questions, I was able to get a student who narrates as follows:

Box that carried the snake

“The guys are 100 Level Business Administration Students of my school(Houdegbe North American University Benin Republic). They’re freshers who want quick money and want to oppress. The ritual had already been done and from the confession of the guy who was arrested after his accomplice had fled, the snake was supposed to start producing money for them yesterday before they were caught and the other guy bolted. So you understand that he was just unlucky to have been caught cause he didn’t do it alone, they were two or more.

Heard they traveled down to Port Novo for the rituals according to confession of the arrested guy.Pictures of two girls were also found in the box which contained the snake. The Snake in the box is said to be one of the girls while the second girl’s head had already been chopped off quoting the guy that was arrested. It was a girl who stays in the same compound with them that noticed their strange movements and reported to the police…Some of their girlfriends have actually been declared missing for some days now but no one ever imagined that they could have been used for money rituals until today(two days ago). Everyone had thought the girls had done their “crayfish waka” as usual, not knowing that the girls have been used for rituals.” Another version of has it that after the first phase of the rituals which involved transforming one of the girls to a money producing snake, something went terribly wrong. This resulted in the snake pursuing the guys, until they were rescued at a nearby hotel by workers who killed the reptile. This raised a lot of suspicion as to why a huge snake would be after a person in a city, in broad day light. The boys after been pestered then confessed to having done money rituals. Unfortunately, one of them absconded before the arrival of the police.

Crowd gathers at home of suspected ritualists
Although there remains a lot of unanswered questions and loopholes, one thing is certain: a young man, a student at North American University, two days ago confessed that he and a friend used two students for money rituals, and was arrested. Unfortunately, his partner(s) in crime absconded. I’m still investigating, and trying to get more details story through the findings of the Police.

From time to time, I hear of stories like this one, most of which go unreported because of lack of photo evidence. What really is the world turning into? Looking at it from the Christian point of view, I’m thankful we serve a patient and forgiving God who has promised not to destroy the world again…at least not with water…I really doubt if Sodom and Gomorrah was worse than what obtains in our world today.

Putting religious sentiments aside, killing another person is wrong, for any reason. And to do it for money? That is just on another level.

May God continue to save and keep good people from evil men, AMEN.

*thanks to for more insight on the story.

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