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Remember the Bells University Undergraduate  Tochy K Oyeoku a.k.a T.O.C( @TOC_MDM)? who got financial encouragement from Donjazzy few months ago towards his musical career , After which ,he was then referred to as “DONJAZZY’S GOLDEN BOY”, People asked what next. On the 12th of March 2013, T.O.C got signed to MUSIC DON MATURE (M.D.M) alongside Prince Joshua Obi (@breeze_MDM) as a video director under M.D.M which is sponsored by by a multi millionaire business man based in Abuja. We wish them good luck  and T.O.C, also added that DONJAZZY is more like a God father to him and has built a strong relationship with him which he wishes to  keep for a very long time. Also said we should watch out for DIRECTOR BREEZE and get ready for BIG things to come.


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