[Bigfash_blog]Deo (@deo_Diyo) – King Midas

King Midas? I was expecting a movie trailer when I heard that, the kind of
movie that would feature valiant ancient kings, knights with shiny swords
and enchanted castles. But I was shocked, only to be swept off my feet by
the silky progression of this pop groove song. My soul wallowed in envy; I
wished it was my song!

This jam is another creation from DEO, the slim Adamawa state born rapper
cum pastor is arguably amongst the best hook masters around. He has laced
verses on several tracks including Ikan’s “broken record” and is currently
a member of IHN. I was gripped by the story behind the song, it felt like
comfort wrapped in free flowing rap, smooth enough to compete with a baby’s

Listen to this song and I bet you will start dancing, even to the stiffest
among you Amen. The CEO of Prayz Mediaz had to create a theme dance for
this one.



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